Thursday, November 09, 2006

I almost forgot

I used to go to the theatre with my grandfather. Not a lot but enough. He told me once that he missed theatres with curtains. He liked the anticipation, the sense of occasion that comes with a plush velvet curtain going up.

I can't remember what theatre we were in or how old I was when he told me that. I wish I could. Today I really wish I could. I think I was 13 and we were at a theatre in London but I'm not sure. We might have been in New York. I might have been 27. It's possible that it was he and my father in a theatre in Boston and I'm just remembering my dad telling me about it. I'm not sure.

Tonight I had a classically wonderful evening. Thanks to the generosity of my boss and his wife Audio Girl and I went to dinner and a show. I had a cocktail - champagne - and we shared a dessert and we laughed and talked. Then we strolled a couple of blocks in the unseasonably warm air to the theatre and saw A Chorus Line. The show wasn't perfect, for one thing there was no curtain, but it was glorious.

I think I saw it once before when I was very young. I'm not sure. Again. I know I listened to the cast recording endlessly as a kid. Live and in person it was a huge thrill. I'm older and different parts speak to me and I understand better why others spoke so loudly to a younger me. I can see the show in a number of contexts, both personal and professional but mostly I was able to simply give in to the anticipation and sense of occasion that it embodies.

I think my grandfather would have forgiven them the missing curtain. I think he would have loved the show as much as I did.

I almost forgot.

Six years ago today my grandfather died.

And I still miss him very much.


  1. That is such a great photograph!

  2. V, thanks. That's on the steps of the scene shop at NYU on the day I graduated from college.

  3. The fact that you can still call the FEELINGS - if not the actual event - stands as testimony that your grandfather is still with you and loving you well. All you have to do is love him back.

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  5. an absolutly beatiful tribute to your grandfather....I remember when he died....what a great photo too. all my lovin' to you....