Saturday, November 11, 2006

It takes all kinds

So Veteran's Day seems like as good a day as any to tell an embarrassing veteran-related story about myself.

Bricklayer was a United States Marine for a while. The way I understand it he was an active member for 4 years and then inactive for 4 but available for calling up in the event of need and then his contractual obligation to them ended. The first Gulf War broke out while he was in those second 4 years but he wasn't called in. Something about studying the wrong languages for him to be useful.

I was relieved.

Him? Not so much.

Last year, or maybe the year before, I was at his house and I noticed that he has a veteran's license plate.

I can hear the resounding chorus of "Yeah? So?"

Here's the thing. And the embarrassing part is not in that I thought it as much as in that I said it to him.

"Hey, I didn't even realize you were a veteran."

"Yeah. I am."

And then I couldn't even just leave it at that I thought I should explain.

"No, I get it now but, you know, I always think of veterans as people who served in a war."

"Yeah, those are War Veterans."

Yeah, I know but...

I'm an idiot. Way to thank someone for their service to the country and all.

Please accept the posting of my idiocy as my apology and my expression of support to all the veterans and war veterans in the world.

*Photo is of the Bricklayer's son.

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