Thursday, November 16, 2006


Background: By day I'm a secretary, an executive ass., a personal assistant, really.

Background II: Christmas festivities for me happen in and around my hometown. I come in from the 'hood, ChemE comes from the land of Orangemen, therefore Queen Bee is the hometown hub. She knows about restaurants and we can ship things to her and I stay at her house and cook Christmas dinner with and for her family.

Story: Today I am in full swing at the office. The pile of crap I have to do has reached proportions that threaten to overwhelm. While I work my way slowly through the pile I am also fielding phone calls and handling immediate requests like, "What's that place, you know the restaurant in the West 60s?"; "Just e-mail Joe and see if we need a rental car when we get there." and, incidentally, "when" = in 3 hours; "Is it going to rain before I get out of this meeting?" The latter has led me to a question I can't answer - what does it mean on the hourly forecast when the hour is bordered in red? Do I need to put my dog in a basket and braid my hair?

In the brief seconds of downtime or multi-tasking time I have I am holding an e-mail conversation with Queen Bee about Christmas plans. So far she has made restaurant reservations for me, scheduled me for a brow wax and purchased a couple of Christmas presents (for which I will reimburse her when I get there) for me to give to other people.

She is a much better personal assistant than I.

Conclusion: My life - too meta?

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  1. Sug, you need a break. Come on out, anytime you can. the extra room is clean, comfy, ready for a dvd fest upon your arrival. I just keep thinking. . . after the holidays. . . after the holidays. . . then what?!?!?! xoxo