Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No. Just no.

So plastered all over every paper that I rudely read over people's shoulders on the train this morning is the news that Rudy Guiliani has taken the first steps toward a presidential bid in 2008.

No. Just no.

Do you hear me? Because I'm talking to you, all of you.

Vote no on Referendum #The Guy Who Did Good Stuff After 9/11

Big no. See if you can vote in bold, please.

I lived in New York City, I lived the Guiliani years. I will give him the post 9/11 chocolatey goodness. He was good, he did good things, he helped a lot of people and he did it with a dignity and integrity that was both surprising and largely uncharactaristic. But that represents, what, 6 months out of the 8 or 12 years (I'm blocking and I'm too lazy to look it up) of his time in the Gracie Mansion? It does not a President make.

Do I think he's particularly corrupt or incompetent? No, I do not. Do I think he's a run of the mill old school conservative Republican who is concerned more with the brokering of power and trading of favors than the improvement of his constituents? Oh christ on a whole wheat goddamned cracker (tm, Rescue Me) yes!

From what I can tell there is nothing that Rudy Guiliani did in his time as mayor of NYC that was by, for or about helping women, the middle, lower middle or lower classes or any other minority group. A vote for him will be a vote for a distinct lack of change please don't fall for all the post 9/11 rah rah. I'm begging you.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    i agree 100%. As I am fond of saying it took a disaster like 9/11 to make Guiliani actually look like a good person. I cannot stand the man and I truly believe that a lot of the problems that are happening in NYC now - over gentrification, condos on every corner to fit with Starbucks, lack of diverse nightlife that doesn't involve having $400 table reservations - all can be linked to this asshole.

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    And don't believe his pro-immigrant talk. He's a racist.

  3. Right, right, and right.

    Giuliani is one of those politicians who works best in a crisis situation. He needs a crisis situation. He is also a politician who, when on to something good, can’t help but go too far.


    When the Brooklyn Museum had that wretched show in the 1990s, Giuliani as the mayor of the city and a Catholic said he was affronted. He was well within his rights to do that. So, then, shut up, right? No. Giuliani decides to try to cut funding for the arts city wide.


    Then, after shepherding us through 9/11, he tries to extend his run as Mayor into 2002.

    One step beyond.

    He’s a bully. And I liked Times Square before he turned it into Disneyland, frankly.

    Yeah. I hear ya, sister.