Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prep mode

So I'm finally in serious make a mess prep mode for Thanksgiving. So far I've made 2 batches of pie crusts for 3 pies. The pecan pie is done. The pie shell for the chocolate pie is cooked. I am waiting patiently (NOT) for the oven to pre-heat to the higher temp for the sweet potato pie (to be served as a side dish, a vehicle for gravy, the perfect sweet-salty ratio). Next move is to make the filling for the chocolate. By that time I'm hoping that the butter will be room temp for the pumpkin chocolate bars.

I had high hopes for actually doing the turkey breast and any roasted vegetables tonight, too, but that's not going to happen. I think some peeling might happen. Perhaps a lot of peeling but that's it. There'll be plenty of time tomorrow for cooking the savories.

I was on the phone with my dad tonight and he was shocked, darn near appalled, that I was making my pies. I feared for his health when I revealed that I'd even be making the crusts from scratch. I scoffed and professed my skill but he's got a point. You're reading a woman who's idea of cooking dinner is anything that involves bringing something to room temperature before I shove it in my gaping maw. Why do I not only cook Thanksgiving dinner but do it from the ground up?

I don't know. It's fun. Once a year (twice if you count Christmas) it's fun! Every day. All those dishes. All the time spent mixing stuff and testing things and peeling items. Blech. I need wide open space on either side of my prepared meals. I ate cheese and crackers for dinner while I cooked pies. No need to make extra work for myself, right?

What are you having for dinner tomorrow?

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