Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Show of hands, please

How many of us are wearing uncomfortable unmentionables today?

My hand is raised high. It's really too, too bad I didn't manage to do any laundry last weekend. And it's even worse that I'm not going to have time to do any until at least Friday afternoon. I could rinse out a pair of non-circulation-reducing skivvies I suppose, but they never feel truly clean when you do that. Too stiff from the air dry.


  1. Ah, yes. Yet another reason to LOVE that I have a washing machine and dryer, and that both are (knocking wood so as not to jinx it) functioning properly.

    You can always do what my dear brother in law does and stop on your way home to buy new ones....

  2. I always buy new ones, and I have a washer and dryer. Go figure.
    I was actually thinking today about what laundry I'd wash tonight to get through the weekend.

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    One year around the December holidays I had just gotten dressed for work and realized all my socks were dirty. Instead of figuring out what to do, I decided to open a gift I had gotten in the mail (but previously was going to wait until closer to Christmas to open). Lo and behold the gift was a set of 3 pairs of socks! I was never so happy to see socks in my life!

  4. If it's uncomfortable, it doesn't get worn. Unless, of course, I am planning for it to come off immediately.