Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tomorrow they run

The New York City marathon runs tomorrow. (Yeah, it's the ING marathon these days but I'm just not ready to stick to that.) It ran right under my window in my last apartment. These days it's a short 3 block walk and I love to go, to watch, to cheer. It's weirdly inspiring for a girl who can't stand to work out and more than likely wouldn't be caught dead running for exercise.

I have checked out the web site so I can make my plans. I live between miles 8 and 9 so I can expect wheelchairs at 9:33, front running women at 10:19, front running men at 10:50 and the beginning of the pack at 11:06. Totally doable, I don't need to be showered to jump up and down on the curb. (I will have to give the dog a walk first but that can be quick, we'll do a longer one afterwards. She's not a fan of crowd, doesn't understand who to listen to, so I'm not going to bring her to the spectating part.)

All these photos are from the NYC Marathon web site. Above is a shot from the 2004 race where Paula Radcliffe won in the closest women's contest ever. She's on the left, the British marathon phenom who trains here in the US and who was bested by the heat in the Athens Olympics a few years ago. The picture below is from the 2001 marathon.


  1. Do you think I could at least get on my treadmill? I won't have any cheerleaders but I will have my Ipod handy and it plays movies. I have read that mystery audio books are the best though.....keeps you going to hear Who Dun It!

    Thanks for the info on how to link in my blog. I am going to get to that.....meanwhile I just linked you on my sidebar. You are in good company there!

  2. The pack will be starting shortly! I hope you are enjoying it. I saw Boston last year and it was so inspiring. Especially the blind runners and their guides... wow!