Friday, December 15, 2006

Hot...and funny!

Don't you hate when you're ready to go to bed (because you're exhausted from the napping on the couch you've been working so hard at all evening) and then something happens and if you don't write it down you'll lose it by morning so you have to stay up later?

Greg Behrendt is Uncool is on Comedy Central and it turns out he's funny. Seems he co-wrote "She's Just Not That Into You" and "It's Called a Break-up Because It's Broken" and knowing that alone I would not have watched him but I was laughing before I found that out so I'm a little hooked. He's doing a great bit about "creepy old guy" going to rock shows and stuff like that. I can't do him justice, go watch the DVD.

Also, it's been a long time since we had hot people so I figure he qualifies. Chili has asked for a Hot People entry of people who are not empirically hot but who are hot in action. The problem is it's tough to catch the hot in action in a photo since photos are not, you know actiony really. I've tried to catch some hot photos of Jason Dohring but you know he's a little doughy, a little plaintive in a photo. Somehow you add the fey gestures and the voice and he becomes hot but again, gestures not working quite so hard for you in the stop action. Matthew Perry is pretty hot, you know, when he's raising his eyebrow in admonition or striding purposefully down a darkened hallway to make an ass of himself or even shattering a window with a baseball bat. But in photos he comes across a little too smily, a little squinty, a little obscured by Sarah Paulson plastered across his face. I would send you all a flip book or something but most of you aren't commenting so I can't get your e-mail and write you all, "Hey, give me your addy so I can send you this flip book Hot People entry, mmmmk?" and then send you a flip book of Matthew Perry's eyebrow and Jason Dohring's lower lip and Kenny Johnson's gun show (you know what I mean by that, right?) and then we could all talk about it here but...too much, right? OK yeah, but.....anyway....

I'm working on it, though, I'll figure it out, I can do it without the flip book but it might have to be after Christmas.

Hey! Maybe that's what I'll do on New Year's Eve.

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  1. In complete agreement about Matthew Perry. (Although I'd probably take him lying still too.) Trying to think of some others... Probably a lot of singers/athletes/politicians fall into that category. You need to wrap their prowess into their package. (Man that has to be a euphemism for SOMETHING.) And, I am sure those People With Their Stone Phillips Thing wouldn't take him mute.