Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not tragic or horrific or ....

But still bad.

There was no internet access on my trip. Even where there was access there was no access for me. Troublesome. I got home a couple of days ago with a dozen half written entries in my head, ready to go but I was sick and I had to work yesterday so I had to rest instead. Besides I couldn't decide what to write first or how to finish any of the half-written entries.

So, right here there should be an entry about Christmas Eve and tradition or one about adult no-sex sleepovers or one about ham even but something has happened which has superceded all that information.

My iPod is dead. Officially dead as pronounced by a delightfully accented Genius Bar genius. It seems I have failed to register the Pod or get it Apple Care so it's on me to fix it. This is why insurance is important, people! I guess I'll get the 80 gig one. My brain is having trouble getting with the program, though. I can do the functions that tell me how much is in savings and how much my pay was increased and bonused. I can do the calculations for how much I spent on iPod speakers and Christmas presents and trips home. I don't seem to have the formula that compares the two and says, "You can/can't afford this."

That'd be a useful formula to have.


  1. Is it a personal loss too, or just a financial one? I ask because Punk Rock Carl, the iPod of one of my students, died just before vacation, and she declared an official day of mourning. If one is in order for your iPod, I offer my condolences. And please extend my sympathies to your wallet, to be a comfort to it in its time of need.

  2. hmmm. Ok. That totally sucks. I just looked at them, and my 60G, that I got last year in nov, is no longer available. I hate that the minute you buy technology, it's old. sigh. However, you use yours probably more than anyone I know...I didn't even know you could have checking mine now. Glad you're back. Glad we all survived said holiday.

  3. ps. are you feeling better??

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Okay, look - you use that thing EVERY FREAKING DAY. It wakes you up. It keeps you disconnected from all the weirdos on your commute. It keeps you company on your long rental-car rides to the hinterlands to see your people. You can't NOT afford it - the money is worth the sanity alone. Go get one. Call my husband - he'll help you make the decision...

  5. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Oh, and you must tell me about the "adult, no-sex sleepovers. I mean, I want to hear about all the other stuff, too, but I REALLY want to hear about the adult no-sex sleepovers.

  6. You know jrh, I hadn't thought of it necessarily as a personal loss but when I had to tell people about the breakage I couldn't stop myself from referring to the Pod as "her" and "she".

    MKAEP, I'm feeling better in a relative way but not cured. I bagged going to a party tonight and I may bag my New Year's Eve plans, too. I want to get cured ASAP and don't want to pass it on to anyone, either.

    Chili, if you're sending me to the hub for urging to purchase I KNOW I should buy. I know how thoughtful he is about purchases.

    I'll tell you about the sleepovers but sadly I think it's going to be less titillating than you might think. Goal for 2007: Actually titillating sleepovers.

  7. Anonymous9:29 AM

    i feel like somehow i jinxed us by talking about the pod on the trip home. remember the good times with it and get another one for the sake of sanity my friend - that really is all i can say.
    hope you're feeling better!

  8. Anonymous7:45 PM

    guess what just happened to me?
    my entire library on my pod deleted itself.
    everything i had painstakingly uploaded from the old job is gone.
    good times.

  9. Anonymous1:42 PM

    ok last update my ipod has officially died as well.
    guess we're ringing in the new year in style.