Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Abandon hope all ye who lurk here

According to Sweetney it's National De-Lurking Week again. (I am using the De-Lurking image from her site, if this is a violation of anything in even the smallest way please someone let me know and I will take it down immediately if not sooner.)

Trust me this will all make sense in a minute but for now, this warning is all you're getting for a segue.

I found this site while researching a little hockey. Go on, I'll wait here while you click, the rest of the post isn't going to make any sense at all if you don't click. It's totally safe for work, I promise.

I do understand that it's definitely unladylike and probably some version of inhumane to condone a site like this. I also understand how weird it is that I'll go to this site and will scream bloody murder and applaud Brendan Shanahan's first "successful" fight in years but will not watch boxing. In addition to all this I heartily disagree with my new favorite hockey blogger, James Mirtle, (yes I have a favorite hockey blogger, I told you this would be a controversial post) who said of a nasty, pre-meditated and injurious fight last night, "None of these guys enjoy dropping the gloves; it's what they do to play in the league...". Um, none is a little strong. I am lucky to have had seats very close to the ice and directly behind the penalty box for the past couple of years and I can actually see the expressions on their faces. There are nights when glee is not too strong a word. Getting injured, I'm sure, is not among their favorite workplace activities but throwing down the gloves? There are those who at least give the impression of living for it.

Most people are going to ask you to de-lurk this week and tell them where you're from, how long you've been reading, what your own url is. This is all good information and information I'd be glad to have so, please include it but let's mix it up a little, too. Go ahead and tell me a little but about how awesome/insane/disturbing you find it that I get kind of a kick out of that site and that I immediately watched the headlining video of a nice young man getting injured despite the fact that it made me over-brush my teeth, accidentally drool toothpaste on my keyboard and late to work.

I'm still on Old Blogger (Old as the hills, Old Blogger walked up hill to school 9 miles every day. Barefoot! In the snow!!). I've still got access to all sorts of sitemeter info. I know where you're coming from, I know where you live and I know how many of you there are. Let's get to know eachother personally, shall we? The comments section awaits. Or you could even e-mail me if you're shy, there's a link in the sidebar. It's OK if we disagree. Just know that if you come for me I will pull your shirt over your head and swing ineffectually at your lats while we circle around on the ice until we either get dizzy and puke or the ref pulls us apart.


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I KNOW you know who I am, and there's nothing about my blogging behavior that could even remotely be described as "lurking," but I'll be the first to comment here and hope that others follow my lead.

    I love that you go to hockey games for the fights. You should put that in your "100 things" list...

  2. You're funny! OK. I'll admit that I read your blog regularly, but that I haven't commented for a long time. Now that I'm emerging from a looooong blogging drought, I want to get it out there that I'm back, and that I'll try to do my part to contribute to the blogs I read. Here's a humble start.

    On the topic of fighting in sports, I'll also admit that, while I totally enjoy boxing, martial arts and ultimate fighting, I do not like my combat in the middle of my hockey game. I need to process one thing at a time. Finish the game, please, then let's get it on!

  3. Consider me delurked.

  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I finally got that sitemeter screwed in. Now I know that I can actually relax this week--I don't have any lurkers.