Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bad boss, no biscuit!

There aren't any specific spoilers here but if you haven't seen last night's Studio 60 you might want to just come back to this one later.

What the hell just happened here? I know that his press statement said they were refocusing the show on relationships but did I miss the part where they they put a cap on the number of words per episode that they'd film? Did they rejigger the actors' contracts to allow for weekly bonuses based on minutes of "smell the fart acting" performed?

Slow is what I'm saying here. And slow is not Sork.

Or vice versa.

I suspect someone told him that he had to slow down so the plebes could catch up. That's a shitty thing to do to Sork and to the plebes, frankly. I don't know whether to be more pissed that the proverbial "they" allegedly said it or that Sork allegedly listened.

"We" are not amused.

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  1. Well, maybe I was just so excited about seeing a new ep, but I liked it. I laughed out loud at Matt giving a dollar more to the sex charity! I didn't even recognize the slower pace. So now I feel stupid, because maybe I'm one of the plebes! Ha. not really. I don't know bout this one. I'll keep tuning in though.