Wednesday, January 03, 2007


1. Did you know that Judi Dench has played all of the major female roles in Shakespeare in age order? When she was 17 she played Juliet...or, Juliet and she finished up with Cleopatra. She's awesome.

2. I'm going to St. Petersburg, FL for a couple of days in the middle of the month. I'll be staying at the Radisson St. Petersburg (Hello Stalkers!). Can anyone recommend places close to that to eat? If there was a nice place on the beach that'd be even better. I've got 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts to handle.

3. So, despite Julie telling me that she wouldn't wish an actor on me (she sees more of an academic, something at the college level) I am slightly obsessed with Steven Pasquale (pictured) this week. Chili gave me the second season of Rescue Me on DVD and the rest is history. I've poked around on the internet and can't find any biographical information on him. No age, no place of birth, no marital status, no height or weight info. He's a major player in the Broadway scene, that's about all I've got. Anyone have anything else? Please? Of particular interest would be phone number and where he's having dinner this Saturday. I'm kidding! Sort of. Oh shut it, like you've never been obsessed before. Well, OK yeah. It's not like I'm taking my night vision, um, anyway...anyone know anything?


  1. I don't know about this guy, but does this mean your crush on Dennis Leary is over? BTW, we are SO borrowing season 2 of Rescue Me while you're out of town next week!

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Oh, I can pretty much GUARANTEE that her obsession with Dennis Leary is NOT over. If I know my Kizz - and I'm pretty sure I do, there's ALWAYS plenty of room in her heart for Mr. Leary. Kizz likes the bad boys...

  3. There is always room for Denis Leary. I have no idea why he's so incredibly hot, but he sure is. *Swoon*