Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daddy Blog Round Up

The Media Guy is reading the parent-focused magazines handed out in the OB's office. We must get him some counter-programming stat. I mean, I always just assume that stuff is bull but he's a Media Guy, it's his job and one of his passions so he has to get involved and study it. However, he spent the time to put together a whole slide show of his outrage so I feel the need to offer alternative reading material before he blows an aneurysm or something.

What do I know?

I know blogs and teen TV. Since the teen TV is likely also not the sort of parenting information he's looking for I'll go with blogs.

First there's Daddytypes. I don't know exactly who he is or what he does. I think he has a background in furniture design. I know he has a young daughter. The blog talks up different and interesting kid-centric furniture, design and accessories as well as keeping tabs on the Park Slope stroller wars. Last time I was over at the Music Family's house they showed me how to work the new high chair. It looked wicked familiar. Why? Daddytypes!

Rob Rummel-Hudson, blogger since practically the inception of such a thing, has written extensively about his daughter and her "broken brain" for all her life. His book about that journey has just gone off to the editor and he's starting work on a book about Dads. He's funny, he's human, sometimes he pisses people off and he always writes eloquently about his daughter who is awesome.

The LOD's not laid off anymore but he's still a dad. Right now he's got a downstairs neighbor freaking out about the "thumping" that 2 toddlers make. The elder son has suggested they hang ropes from the ceiling and swing from them until the neighbor's weekend sleep in time of 9:00am. Brilliant!

DJ Blurb is the complementary puzzle piece to Dooce. He writes in not equal parts about computer technology, photography and his family. The Blurbodoocery supports their family with the proceeds from their blogs and a few outside writing gigs. Also, the pictures are pretty.

John Scalzi of Whatever is a writer. He writes science fiction, her writes technical pieces, he blogs for the You've Got Mail people. Whatever is his place to write whatever he wants whenever he wants. Sometimes it's politics, sometimes writing, sometimes it's photoshop fooling and sometimes it's his unbelievably beautiful and hilarious wife and daughter. Athena, the young Scalzi, is an occasional contributer to the blog with photos, short written pieces and video.

Waiting for Cassowary is my friend Rick's new blog. Rick was my first regular commentor here that I hadn't known outside of the blogosphere. He's a painter, a journalist, a husband and the father of 3 beautiful girls. Oh and sometimes there's poetry. I love the way he conveys that his daughters lift him up and teach him as much as he does the reverse without being cloying or unbelievable.

Wayfarer is an old friend of Chili's. He's a teacher in an alternative high school, he's finishing a graduate degree and still figuring out ways to spend time with his young daughters.

Brian Mason
is a tech guy, a political dude and, I have to admit rather sheepishly here, a man who makes me quite envious of his wife, the double blogged Maggie Mason. He doesn't write often and usually it's fairy short but I suspect he may write or post photos a little more frequently when their first baby is born in a few weeks.

There are others out there. Tons, I'm sure. But these are the guys I read regularly. Maybe on another day I'll post some blogs by mom that feature their corresponding dads heavily. Please go read them, the writing, the photography and the heart is all so much better than anything a drug company ever dropped off in an office. It's the real front line of parenting being blogged in real time.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    A recent chat with Lydia (8 next week)--

    Daddy: I'll have you know that my parrot poem is a Shakespearean sonnet.

    Lydia: I thought you said you made it up!

    Thanks, Kiss. I'm glad I come across that way vis the girls.~,:^)

    word ver is actually: wglrww--it first looked like wgrlww. That would have been better.

  2. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I LOVE getting the Daddy perspective. Sometimes - often times - these men see things that we moms miss. They see their relationships with their children in essentially different ways than I think moms do and, speaking as someone who spends the better part of her life trying to express everything JUST SO, their ability to cut to the chase and say exactly what it's all about just staggers me.

    I have been trying (largely unsuccessfully) to get my husband, who is a Daddy of the First Order, to start blogging, but I think hell would have to freeze over first. Not only is he so NOT about the public forum, he doesn't thing of himself as eloquent. This may largely be the division of our household into "you get language and literature, I get science and math." Oh, well. Just because he doesn't talk about it, doesn't mean he isn't far more than I ever hoped for as a dad to my kids...

  3. just turned on Today, and there was what I am assuming is a follow up segment on the drinking moms thing you were talking about in a previous blog. may want to check it out.

  4. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Thanks Kizz!! I'll check those sites out.