Thursday, February 08, 2007

I cooked!

I think I'm doing OK with the 107 in 2007.

#3 turned into going to Mrs. X's memorial but it was accomplished. You can really only be in one place at one time.

#7 I went back 2 weeks ago. I'd forgotten that I left my last class in Dec citing illness. The teacher thought I'd been laid up all this time. Apparently the one thing I needed to make me love Floor Barre was that shitty yoga class.

#8 Thanks to Kath's suggestion I think it's possible that I'll get this by using FitTV. I'm working on it and that's all I can promise.

#23 I have technically accomplished by singing at the nursing home a few weeks ago but I think I'm not going to cross it off until I've done a public venue gig. Because...

#26 was the nursing home thing. Totally crossed off but totally going to do it again.

#43 is all about what you buy and about cooking. I'm doing really pretty good. I might even being going so far as getting 4 a day. It also helps that Kath keeps inviting me to dinner and she always serves at least 2 veggies.

#64 Done! Loved it. Will go back again now that I feel comfortable getting there and all.

#69 Done and thank goodness. It was much rougher than usual and the crowd was odd. I felt very out of place and it was a lot different than it's been before. It felt, and I hate to say this because it sounds crazy, less genuine.

#71 Done and fun. Champagne and friends and cake!

#74 Like the veggies it's going well. And I've rarely spent money on my lunch since I've been treated a few times or scavenged from meeting lunches. This week I'm buying lunch twice but I'm still pretty sure my average is bringing lunch 3 times a week or at least not paying for lunch 3 times a week.

#85 & 86 I got in under the wire for January so I'm on track.

#87 I did it almost accidentally last Sunday. Crockpotted some chicken in a jar of Korma sauce I had and did up some more brussels sprouts then sauteed some broccoli too. Oh, OK, and I made pudding. YUM!

#105 My first massage is scheduled for today.

How are you doing on your plans for this year?

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  1. 6. Bought tix for a trip to Boulder in April.
    7. Saw Em. Does that count if it was on neutral territory?
    18. Missed the nursing home visit in January. Might go today. Hoping to go twice in Feb to make up for it.
    21. Capitol Steps. Check.
    22. Bruins. Check.
    27. Dentist. Check.
    31. Have Guatemala tix and hotel reservations.
    37. Watched one new dvd.
    42.&43. Might go to the bank today.
    46. Finished making the list.
    51&52. Doing sit-ups & flossing.
    64. Plans to do that tonight.
    67. 73. & 90. Done.
    91. Ran the loop. Not sure I'll do it again.
    107. Keep track of how many of these I do... doing it right now, thanks!