Sunday, February 04, 2007

I never exaggerate. Not ever!

Yesterday it was damn cold. Also I was out in the world all day long. So cold. After dark I was out at dress up functions so I was even colder. In the cab on the way home I heard it was going down to 14 degrees and wouldn't be going up much. Walking the dog for her last pee I was wearing jeans with leggings underneath and the wind cut through that like I was wearing a nice pair of linen dress pants. All night long I heard the wind rattling the windows.

So this morning when I got up and had to walk the dog, preferably to the park, I suited up. This is what I wore:

Handknit wool socks
Pajama pants tucked into socks
Fleece pants
Wind pants
Scarf under jacket crossed over chest
Big winter coat with strong elastic at the butt to keep the wind out and hood up
Hat covering me from the nape of my neck to my eyebrows
Cashmere gloves
Woolen mittens

Apparently that crazy wind was mostly just on my block. Also, very sunny out today. After about 15 minutes I had that wacky childhood smell gusting up from inside my jacket. You know, the unique stale mix of sweat and water resistant fabric? Eensy bit of overkill perhaps.

In other news I may be scarce for about a week. Mr. Chili has aquired a delightful little back up hard drive for me and he has grand and intricate plans for setting me up so my info is safe and I have rebooting options and whatnot. However he is there and I am here so I am trusting all my information and my beloved laptop which comprises all of my at home internet access to the lovely people at UPS. It heads off tomorrow and with luck I'll have it back in a week so know that if you're trying to reach me by e-mail I'll only get it while I'm at work Mon-Thurs. Posts may be scarce as well since I really ought to work at work. Sigh.

Please cross your fingers for the safe passage of my little silver lifesaver and all the information contained within.

OK, and while I've written this - they built a whole neon stage in the shape of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince's name symbol? Weird but cool and the marching band was pretty awe inspiring, too.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I promise to take the utmost care with your silver lifesaver. Mr. Chili is a genius of the first order with things like this - it will be SO worth it.

    We were driving home from our Super Bowl party at Falcon's place during halftime. We had no need to see Prince. What. Ever. We DID stay long enough to see Vinatieri blow a field goal, though. Mr. Chili was dancing about it - maybe now, people will stop giving Gostkowski so much shit for not being Vinatieri...

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I took my dog to the park today. I wore long-johns and fleece lined jeans, a turtle neck and a fleece lined shirt, fleece lined squall parka... you know the drill. I was not one bit over dressed! Now it is colder up here in the great north of NH but I must say, the wind hurt my cheeks, the only exposed 3 square inches I offered it. Molly was totally un-phased. Must be that doggie metabolism.

    PS. The temp has continued to drop.

  3. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Remind me, again, why we live here?!?