Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ten Things Tuesday

I think it was Wayfarer who said he'd do 10 Things Tuesday if I would. I planned to accept the partnership but then last week I forgot. Guess I'll take a page from Flylady's control journal and just jump in right where I am.

I can't decide what sort of 10 things to do, though. 10 things you don't know about me? 10 random hot people? 10 things about New York? 10 things I wish were different? 10 parts I wish I could play? But, you know, I'm more of a random chick, so I'm just going to see if I can throw out 10 random things.

1. This is my 608th post on this blog. I still love it and I think I'm better than I was way back on post #1.

2. I tend to really dislike people who exhibit qualities I hope I've left behind.

3. I'm judgy. Really judgy. But my filter is pretty strong and I do know when I'm judging just because and not with my brain engaged.

4. I have a medium to awesome porn collection.

5. I went out with one of the Hot People last week.

6. I actually do see myself living in New York when I'm an old lady.

7. Faulkner is one of my favorite authors not least because one of my favorite characters of his only speaks once in her book. My senior year in college I took a class with a leading Faulkner scholar and I convinced her to let me write about the nearly mute character even though she had never had a student write about Judith before. I got an A.

8. Sometimes, even though I know I did the right thing college-wise, I wish I'd studied English literature.

9. Yesterday I had a revelation about my approach to love relationships. It is a post in and of itself.

10. I fear becoming a revisionist historian like my parents. Once, in the context of a longer conversation, I said to my mother, "Well, she is my first dog after all." My mother said, "No she isn't." We proceeded to discuss how we hadn't had even one dog when I was a kid. Mama Kizz's rationale for remembering clearly that we'd had canine pets: "But your father loved dogs." I want to remember what really happened, even if it's unflattering or embarrassing or sad.


  1. All right, then. You started your ten things, so I'll do mine, too. Mine will have to wait until tonight, though. I'm cleaning the basement during the day. Hey! That's one thing!

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I LOVE #7. The best paper I ever wrote for college was for an undergrad Lit Crit class where I related a scholarly article on the complexities of Kurtz's character in Heart of Darkness to an episode of Deep Space Nine. I handed it to the prof with sweaty palms, and explained that I'd TOTALLY rewrite it if it was unacceptable. I got an A, and the prof asked me if she could copy it to show future classes.

    #8 - want to go back to school with me?

  3. On #4, are you talking about stuff with a storyline? I ask because one of my longstanding complaints about porn in general is that it seems to just be about the sex. That's nice and all, but a little something to keep one's interest during the downtime would be appreciated.

  4. I'm talking about print not the fancy moving pictures but yeah, I've got storyline for you. Actually there are a few companies doing storyline for the moving pics too, check out www.buggydoo.blogspot.com, her sidebar will have a link to the adults only shop she runs out of her garage - The Honeysuckle Shop. She has a few recs for the movies with the plots AND the sex.