Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Love the Internet


If you're the Kristen Ames I'm looking for you toured with Robert Wilson and then returned to NYU in 1988. I was the freshman who stage managed your production of The Butterfly's Evil Spell. You went on to help found the Tiny Mythic Theatre Company and I did a bunch of odd stuff at the Ohio for you guys. Then life intervened and, you know, a lot of stuff happened.

I'm looking for you because I've written a play and I directed a reading of it last year. This year I realized that I really don't want to direct it. Someone asked me what I was looking for in a director and the second thing that came to my head (right after, "NOT ME!") was your name. So I decided to "casually" look around the internet for you.

You can e-mail me at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com and (obviously) I'd love to catch up.


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