Monday, March 26, 2007

Who says all blogs are the same?

Many years ago I worked in a cubicle farm. A different cubicle farm than the one I'm in now. That one grew magazines. I was very talented so I was often finished with my work early (ha!) and free to roam the internet. One day I was reading an entry about Sars' cats and I laughed so hard I cried. However, not wanting the other farm hands to feel poorly about their own job performance by letting on that I was having a good non-job-related time I had to keep the laughing part quiet. Just as I was finishing the post someone came up behind me to ask my sage advice on something (threshing or ploughing, no doubt) and they, of course, only saw the tears in my eyes and nothing I could say would convince them that they were tears of laughter.

Today at least no one caught me.

I am methodically working my way through the NaBloPoMo list from November and I came across Whoopee. The first entry is a bit long and if you just skim it you'll think it's not very exciting but if you read it properly there's a bit about a duck...and then later another bit about the duck that just...well, better to just go read it. I think that the best stand up comics are the ones who craft a perfect ending to their set. It's the hardest part but the part people remember the most and often comedians think you can just trail off any old where if your material is good but it's simply not true. The best endings of all hearken back to whatever the funniest part of the rest of the set was and those are endings you'll remember forever. Larry the Cable Guy is oddly good at these. So is Anotonia, you just think she's going to let you trail away with a picture of her kid and she smacks a button on that post that makes you laugh so hard you pee a little.

Seriously, that bit about the duck is still making me giggle.


  1. That was brilliant. Hysterical. I have tears too!!

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