Sunday, April 01, 2007

Missing Girl

The other day I was on the phone with Carmencita and she told me that earlier in the day Alita had looked up at her and said, "I want Kizzy."

I miss her too. I miss the days when she lived right around the corner and she fit in the crook of my arm and when we ate dinner together (sometimes 5 nights out of every 7) she would sit on my lap. She's going to be 6 in a couple of months. The time is woefully short between now and when she'll be too cool for me or anything else, frankly. I don't know what her school looks like and I don't know who her teacher is or how her room is decorated or what pajamas she prefers anymore and she'll probably have grown an inch by the time I see her next. I'm going to have to take some vaca this summer and wriggle her out of school and we'll have to eat ice cream and take pictures and look at animals and stuff. 'Cause I miss her and that's just not cool.

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