Monday, April 02, 2007

Numbers Game

I thought it as really interesting that, despite there being a fair number of comments on the post about sharing money information, no one actually did share the specific numbers. Of course it's my blog so it only makes sense that I should start. However, since no one else would share I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out why and I feel like "Well, what do they know that I don't? Am I not supposed to share for a reason?" So I think I'll start off slow.

Here are some other numbers no one ever wants to share. Even people who have urged me to join Weight Watchers don't tell most of their numbers. They'll tell you if they've had a loss and they'll tell you total loss but they won't tell you where they started or where they're headed. Some people won't even tell you their losses. So, I'm gonna come clean on everything I know right now.

I started 3 weeks ago at 153 lbs., essentially the heaviest I've ever been. I think I clocked in at 155 at the doctor's office at some point but allowing for differences in scales we'll say this 153 is the worst it's been.

I lost 3lbs the first weigh-in, 2 the next, none the next and 1 today. Total of 6 lost.

I weigh 147 lbs.

It doesn't feel fast enough and I hate the program. I've been trying to stay positive but this is the place for honesty, right? Yeah, hate. I don't feel like it's going fast enough and I hate having to think about what I'm eating and what I'm going to eat and what I have eaten and why and where and how to budget and do the math and walking everywhere to gain precious activity points so I can actually have a piece of cheese once in a while.

I'm headed to about 138lbs, in theory. That's the top end of what Weight Watchers calls healthy for me. The bottom end is 115 which, sure, I'd love to get to but I just can't keep this up for that long, I will kill someone and then I will slather myself in carbonara sauce and lick it off my extremities until I'm dead, too. Realistically I think I could/should get down to around 128. We'll see.

I spent $65 to sign on for 3 months. At the end of that I'll re-assess and if I haven't stuck a pate-laden fork through my eye I may sign up month to month to the tune of around $17 per month until I hit somewhere in the 120s. I think it'd also be smart for me to stay on an extra month after I hit the goal, to get used to the maintenance program.

Do you do anything with numbers that aren't financial? What are your numbers?


  1. I also do the ww numbers game. I don't hate it. Of course I still wish for the days of bissfull ignorance and size 7 jeans, but shit, that was the 9th grade. Life is not full of bliss. So, I count. most of the time. and I go and sit and feel supported and weigh in every monday. I'm open to the information and figure out ways to have what I want and still work within the parameters. I've gained and lost and gained and lost. I'm now down 12.8, and have to weigh in this morning. I started out at 23something. To lose my 10%, I have to be down 23 lbs before we'll even set a goal. I don't think you have to love it. Who LOVES anything these days? But obviously what you don't love is the number and so choices and change come from that.

    Numbers are a bitch. But I'm gaining on them. Savings account officially opened and it's getting weekly deposits from tips. Had a great week last week, so I got to pay off my lane bryant credit card. For this I'm happy. As far as weigh in today goes, I was much happier eating cheese dip at our potluck at work this week than I will be getting on those scales. But what the hell. Tomorrow is a new day.

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Here's a number, your weight now is near my ideal weight of 150. I swear my well endowed chest takes up too much of this weight!

  3. When I walked into the WW room, I weighed 213 lbs. I now weigh 151. Most skirts I buy are a size 6. Pants...anywhere from a 6 to a 10 on account of my gigantor bottom. I am still, technically, 15-20 lbs. overweight...according to the height/weight BMI thing. That pisses me off.

    More numbers: I can do a 60 minute class at the gym,
    20 minutes on the treadmill or bike before I start to rage, and the most I've done on the elliptical is 8 minutes. I hate it.

    These are financial sort of: I'm like a squirrel and I have five bank accounts.

    I have well over 200 CD's but only about 20 DVD's. Yet I watch movies all the time...Go Netflix!

    I have had zero marriage proposals this week.

  4. I seem to always look at the clock at 4:22 or 3:22. Always 22. 22 has followed me my whole life. Born in room 222, first home 22, first love basketball number 22. My child born at 5:22.
    Weight. Big sigh. If my jeans are not tight. Good week. If they don't fit at all, bad week.
    I weigh more now than I did when I was 9 months pregnant.
    How's that for a number?
    But I like the curves somedays. Its makes me feel like a woman. OPPS, thats a mind game, not a numbers game.

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    i am completely by myself in the office. no joke.

    it's 2:50 pm.

    i weigh 142, which is my heaviest ever. i figure i've got to allow a couple pounds for these huge things on my chest, but still...

    i've eaten almost 1 whole chocolate bar today.

    i am getting out of here in 2 hours, 8 minutes. not a moment too soon.