Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10 Hot "Things"

ProfDoc and I have created a little game. I think it would be well suited to long car rides but we're just using it via e=mail on the long car ride that is our lives.

The format is: X is hotter than Y where X = a celebrity and Y = another celebrity.

You send your X is hotter than Y to the other person and they reply with Z is hotter than Y and so on and so on just like a hair color commercial. Ideally there's a connection between the people in each equation but it can be almost anything: shared project, each having done a project with another actor, shared home country and once I think I had to just go for broke and play the Pitt card because she'd gone so far into the hot zone that there was hardly anywhere else I could go and still get hotter.

Is it silly? Yes. Way more comforting than that one where someone gives you a couple of celebrities and you have to choose one of them or death. I mean, that does not pass the time while you drive through the amber waves of grain, that just shows you that everyone has a price and happy-shiny people don't want to know that.

My 10 for this week is 10 people that have come up as we've played the game over the past 5 days, they are, however, not in any particular order.

P.S. My apologies to those who are looking for hot of the female persuasion, it's just not how the game has rolled thus far. I'll do a chicks edition of hot people soon, promise.


  1. I don't really understand the rules of the gmaes.
    But #1 Hugh Jackman can X my Y anytime and I will indeed go cray-Z!

  2. Point and match to Gertrude.

    But I still say that Henry Rollins is hotter than any and every. And I'm sure there are others somewhere on the planet that agree.

  3. I don't know who some of these guys are, but they are all pretty damn hot. I'm going with Robin Zander for my ultimate Y guy.