Tuesday, May 08, 2007

10 Neighborhoodie Sorts of Things

1. Obviously since I poached the title from them I must link them.

2. Look what Kath saw. Kids, riding motorcycles is super fun and makes you feel cool and risky but the truth of the matter is that you are actually at higher physical risk so you have to be more careful than if you were driving a car. Sucks the fun out of it, I know, but better than having them suck your brains off the pavement.

3. Here's a blog about my 'hood. Easy to see why I like it here.

4. I cannot praise our newish pet food emporium, Who's Your Doggy, enough. No web site but they're at the corner of Willougby and Adelphi and the phone number is (718) 522 5244. If you need something Tracy will help you, seriously. Oh and they just opened up a grooming establishment in the back, too. And by "they" I mean "her". She's a young, single, female business owner, which just adds cool points in my opinion.

5. A group of 7ish year olds were playing in the courtyard tonight and happened to re-enact exactly what 9 out of 10 child sociology studies have scientifically proved. 3 out of the 4 participants had razor scooters at the ready. The 4th, a girl, was holding a piece of paper and going over the "rules" of the "game". "Whooo...whoever gets twooooo treasures.." and then I couldn't hear any more because the boy standing directly opposite her just opened his mouth and screamed in frustration L'Enfant Sauvage style.

6. There's a budding romance between 2 14ish year olds in the building. They are trysting in the stairwell. Which is sort of annoying but since I've similarly annoyed people in much more graphic ways in stairwells when I was way past the age of old enough to know better I feel like it's simple payback. However, they're slowly moving up the stairwell, presumably as they get more comfortable having fewer people interrupting them. Someone should tell their mothers but it's not going to be me, I guess.

7. I am not a small dog person but man, I saw the cutest dog yesterday on my way home. A long haired, dappled miniature dachsund. Why would you make a doxie in mini form. I've got cats bigger than that puppy. I could lose him...in my pants pocket! Cute, though, damn cute.

8. The Year of Magical Thinking is probably not good as subway reading. Although they do all move away from you on the Group W bench if you read and cry and read and cry. All of today's 10 lists are an effort to keep me from doing the Magical Thinking 10 list which is going to be just fucking depressing.

9. This weekend I went out to meet Teddy's Girl and as I hit the sidewalk came across the biggest display of ghetto outside of a B movie. Across the street was an oversized SUV with 2 doors open and the back window propped up and music blasting out from every orifice. From a building nearby a woman leaned out her 5th story window screaming, "Turn that car off right NOW!!!!!!!!" Martin Scorsese scripted my neighborhood.

10. I think I broke my dog...in my neighborhood. She seems better appetite-wise and energy-wise but she's very tentative getting up or down off of any furniture. Tonight she yelped in pain just leaning down to pick a treat off the floor. I'm not even sure what muscle that strains. It seems that, though she is made of steel, she is weakening in body but not in spirit. I have to pay attention to doing what's good for her and not just what she wants to do to avoid overtaxing the old girl. Oops. She's my first dog, you know, I'm still learning.

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  1. You can get anything you want...in Kizz's Neigh-bor-hood-ie. The Group W Bench! I love it!

    God Bless Arlo and anyone who still knows who he is.

    ~whirled peas