Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Next 10 Things the Delectable People of Netflix are Sending Me

1. Focus

2. Panic

3. Elaine Stritch: At Liberty (Somehow it seems like the universe is trying to tell me something - focus...oh all right go ahead, panic....you are at liberty...)

4. Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable (I usually set up my queue so that it's one movie, one TV show disc, one movie, etc. I'm in a stand up/variety phase instead. Speaking of which, you should totally check out Sara Silverman: Jesus is Magic even if it's only for her rendition of Amazing Grace.)

5. Charlotte Grey (Which I totally mixed up with Veronica Guerin. So surprised to find out that the latter was a period piece but the period was the 80s.)

6. Scream 2

7. The Man Who Cried (Sometimes I pick these just from recommendations and I have no idea what they're about. Or sometimes it's a "watch everything in the cannon of X actor or director. This seems to be a Cate Blanchett section.)

8. Scream 3 (After I finished adding in the stand up discs that intrigued me I decided to try to get some old sequel things out of the way. The only reason I didn't stop the Scream thing after one is that someone is in #2 and if you've seen 2 out of 3 and you're a Capricorn you have to stick the landing.)

9. Saving Grace

10. The Vagina Monologues: Eve Ensler (I've seen this a few times in the theatre but I've never seen the creator work her magic so I thought I ought to go to the source...which is an interesting phrase to use when you're talking coochie.)

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  1. I heart Craig Ferguson in Saving Grace. It's totally delish. Love this list...makes me want to Netflix...I just do the on demand movies...Eddie Izzard. slurp.