Sunday, May 13, 2007

Putting a pin in it

I haven't spoken to my mom today.

I have tried. She's visiting a friend in Maine and when I spoke to her last night she told me that there was "a piece missing" from her phone charger. Er, how is that possible? Anyway, her phone keeps going straight to voice mail and her voice mail is full. mom today.

And what could I say? Happy Mother's Day? Not a lot of happy days for mom lately. She's making good progress, though. It's a slow road about which I'll talk later.

I'm wishing her a happy mother's day wherever she may be. I just really hope it's not in a ditch trying to call for roadside assistance on her uncharged phone.

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  1. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I'm sorry - I know I shouldn't, but I'm laughing at how you ended this post. You really do write who you are, you know.

    Happy Mother's Day, Mama Kizz. It was a lovely day here, and I'm betting it was lovely in Maine, too; I hope you had a great day - or, at least, a better one than you've been having lately.

    Much love,