Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sing out, Louise!

In case it hasn't been clear, mom's Old Man Friend, Jake, died a week ago yesterday. Within a 48 hour period mom's current "companion" of over 20 years died and her ex got married. If you're a vibey, prayery sort of a person feel free to vibe my mom with something good 'cause holy jeebus she's having a shitty week.

There's a lot more to it but we're not going into it tonight. Tonight I tell you the story mom told me yesterday.

She was at Jake's house on the day she describes as being the first night she slept alone there even though she'd spent a couple of nights alone there since he'd been in the hospital. She stepped out the door to throw some garbage away or something and she noticed a woman she'd never seen before walking her dog along the rural byway. Mom blurted out, "Jake's dead." Just thinking about her standing there with her sad little bag of garbage looking for someone to tell makes me so sad. Poor mommy.

She'd never even seen this woman before, there's no reason to believe that this woman would know who in blue hell Jake was but mom just let her know. Which is a little weird but would be a ton weirder if it weren't my mom.

Turns out that this woman was a professor at a local college and used to teach a course on death and dying. Talk about an ask and ye shall receive situation. Don't even have to ask, just go about your business and someone will send help. She spent a little time with mom and recommended a grief group and told her about a tool to use. She suggested mom write a letter to Jake to put in his casket.

Fucking brilliant.

I don't know that I'd have a lot to say to Jake but I sure wish someone had told me that before Mrs. X had died. And my grandmothers. And my grandfather. And my cat.

I don't know if mom finally finished her letter but I think she did. Now the funeral is over and the calling hours and the illness and the hospital stay.

In other words now the real hard part begins.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I'm vibing for Mommy. It seems from your story, though, that the Universe is already looking out for her.

  2. Anonymous2:55 AM

    wow i had no idea. so so sorry to her and you! that's a big blow of emotions and issues all within a very short time span. i'm here if you need to talk or anything.

  3. So sorry to hear of your mom's loss. I am so glad that the Universe sent her what she needed. It has a way of doing that. She is in my prayers. And so are you.

  4. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Sorry for your mother's loss. The encounter you describe is really beautiful. Just like the Universe, despite all the hard part.

  5. Prayers, vibes, love and light to Mom. What a blow. So so sorry.

  6. We all are here because we believe in the Power of words.
    Wonderful that the Universe provided and Elizabeth Kuber-Ross for your Mother.
    This story is much validation for me. I truly, 100%, prime time believe that you have to ask for it.

  7. And good thoughts for you, too. Because when your mommy is hurting, you probably are also.
    Hugs and Kizzes.
    And a sassy little dance.

  8. Aw, man. I didn't know about this either. Hope your mom is doing a little better with all this crap news. Jeez.