Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ah, the taste of fake ice cream in the afternoon!

Finally got my Tasti D today. Chopped veggies this morning for a low point lunch, organized lunch breaks with Audio Girl so I could go out for late afternoon snack and went to a different store altogether. Tastes like freedom...and crisco, but so good. My tongue is so unused to ice cream now that it almost froze stiff.

Between that and reading Miss Doxie this morning it's not a bad day. If you aren't reading her, you really should be. She may not post frequently but when she does it's funny. She's having a sale at her store, too. If I needed anything you could get me some jewelry and some fine art and some paper goods and maybe some buttons and magnets. But I don't need anything. The whole focus of this month is on getting rid of stuff actually. So just go read and that will make me happy.

OK, I'm off to sniff the plastic spoon thus extracting the very maximum amount of pleasure out of my 5 point treat. (5 points! That's a quarter of my daily allowance!)


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I've got to give a shout out in admiration of your ability to stick to this; I fell off that wagon about a month ago. Seriously - good job!

  2. I wish we had a tasti D here. I bought some fake ice cream....bryers double churn light vanilla. It was good the first scoop (1 point for a buttload serving) but just fell apart. Like it never really refroze after and it was just breaking down into this funky mush stuff. bleagh. I don't really ever crave icecream, so it's ok, but i'd have myself some of what you had, certainly!! You're doing SO GREAT!!!

  3. The Splenda ice creams are really not bad.
    I mean they are NO Karamel Sutra withthe lucious caramel core surrounded by vanilla ice cream on one side and chocolate ice cream on the other...

    but they'll do.

    I love ice cream... and gelato too.
    If you sniff the platic long enough... you might get a extra little boost off of it.
    Its hard sister... hard to deny yourself something you LOVE!

    Good job!
    Where's the BEEF?

  4. this was with splenda.