Friday, June 01, 2007

Bunch of whiners!

Gertrude wrote about the last set of Hot People: "Who or what told you these people were hot? Or is this a list of your own making?"

I feel like a wayward child. I am unable to identify hot when I see it, apparently, and later she lets me know that I'm a dirty, dirty old woman for choosing such young 'uns.

She may, in fact, be right.

Other dissenters, Kath and Chrome Plated Girl, put forth their own ideas of hot and both options were....let's call it age appropriate.

Kath offers Robin Zander from her extensive research into musicians of all forms. I, of course, didn't know who the hell he was. Turns out he was one of the guys from Cheap Trick. So here's a little bit of that.

For Chrome we have Henry Rollins. He...uh....well I know he hosts some show on IFC or Sundance and I know he did something before that which is why he got that show but I don't know what that was. It's possible that he maimed people in a socially sanctioned way for a living but that might be my own dirty old woman proclivities rearing their heads again. Anyway, enjoy you some HR!

Hot People posts have been a bit slow the past few months, suggestions are gratefully received.


  1. Good grief. It's your list, your hottness, your slurpy goodness!!! Age need not matter here. the whole world isn't fixated on the many years of hottness!That's for a whole different list. . . You keep these posts coming! They're some of my favorite!!

  2. He's so angry, I just want to give him a big hug around his neck...with my thighs.

    Just to be clear...I wasn't dissenting, I was just doing that XYZ game.

    Thank you for my gift of Hank today.

  3. It was not a cut. I just had no idea who any of them were.
    And I didn't know if they were of your choosing or someone else's....
    I lost so much of what I had in the 80's... yes, in every catagory.
    I am digging the Shawn Cassidy hair selections though.
    Shit... Prince still does it for me.
    And as far as hot...
    well Russell Crowe is my lovin' man selection.
    So my taste is questionable anyway.
    But stick around you might need to sign my cast for me after Russell beats me!