Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Check out my can!

I took all these pictures of the garbage cans we painted for It's My Park Day but somehow neglected to take a picture of the one that I personally painted. Whoops. I believe my Freudian slip is showing...or something.

This first one is by our fearless PUPS founder, Kath. It's Emily and Teddy kissing, how sweet is that? The can was upside down for drying purposes so I flipped the image, that's why it looks a

Next one is by Teddy's Girl. She did some research and found picture of the Soldiers & Sailors monument in the park and she gridded the image and then painted it beautifully on one side of the can. Then she went and got all generous with some slightly odd woman who came very late to the party and offered her the other side of the can. After T'sG left the woman painted trees partially over her image totally ruining the perspective. This is a sore spot. I still like the image but it's hard on the artist, which I totally get.

I call this one "Sunset Over Fort Greene Park. It's really lovely and they've placed it right near the entrance to the park that I use most often. Also, if you ever get married find someone like this can's painter's husband. She started the can then got stuck so she called him and asked him to bring her some art books that showed how objects look in the light of sunset. He came right out with some research material. How nice is that?

Teddy did not paint any garbage cans but we just don't have enough pictures of Teddy around so I took some while we were on our Photographic Tour of Rubbish Receptacles.

This is "The Look". I can't quite define it but Teddy uses it all the time. It's a sort of wheedling demand with a healthy dose of self-pity...or something. That's not it, but I love the way he looks.


  1. I LOVE THAT DOG!!! and those cans are faboo. I want to punch that lady who painted her stuff over the other side. Greedy.

  2. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Did YOU paint a can?

    And you're right; the upside-down can just doesn't look...right. I actually turned my laptop upside-down to see what the can really looks like (I know, I'm a freak, but it really does look better right-side up).

  3. Yeah, I painted one but I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of it. It's out there in the park so I'll get a picture at some point and post it.

  4. Yeah, howza bout your can? Thanks for posting these, I think they turned out pretty great (though my rendition of Teddy and Emily looks nothing like either!)

  5. Its the uft tah look. I saw it a lot in Minnosota.
    "Got any cans" That's a quote just for Zelda.