Monday, June 11, 2007

Early is valid

I'll do 10 things (at least!) that I have to do before I go to work on Thursday then get on a plane and then go to New England where I spend a week helping my mother get back into her house*.

1. Pack. Natch. Which will involve a whole list of what to pack, you know how much I like the listing.

2. Buy pet food enough to get the kindly caretakers of my menagerie through the week.

3. Coordinate the moving of food and pets and stuff over to Kath & Alex's pad.

4. Figure out if Pony Express is just pilling the cat every other day or if she'll also be feeding the cats every day. Which is sort of an if than proposition because if she is doing both then I don't have to do anything but if she's only pilling then I have to figure out who can feed the cats.

5. Clean, clean, clean. The Southern Girls Dinner Club is meeting at my place the Thursday after I return and I simply can't clean, shop and cook while simultaneously unpacking and baking a cake and going to the Mermaid Parade to celebrate Alita's birthday when I get back.

6. Get rid of the pieces of furniture and electronics and whatnot that I'm done with. There are rules about how one does that here but there are ways to get around it and I can't decide whether to be a good girl or not.

7. Lunch with Norwegian Chef tomorrow. She surprised me with a phone call today and I'm really looking forward to it.

8. Clean off my desk at work and leave a trail of bread crumbs for the bosses who will be in while I'm out. For instance, neither of them has ever successfully checked their own phone messages.

9. Make 2 huge phone calls for the Shakespeare show because if I don't do it well...I'll just feel shitty.

10. Gird my loins. This one will make more sense once I get out that post about why I'm going and all. It's a biggie, though.

Bonus. I accidentally found an old elementary school chum online today and I'm considering the relative wisdom of commenting on the artist's blog to see if he wants to have coffee or something while I'm home.

Bonus necessity: ARGH! Almost forgot I have to pay my maintenance. Damn. Where is that bill?

*Whole. Nother. Post.

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  1. Tell me about the rules for getting rid of stuff - I'm intrigued...

    Also, who did you find online? Direct me to the blog?