Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hey, look, it's black out!

Yesterday was hot, as was the day before. It was the natural weather for summer in NYC, which is Hazy, Hot and Humid. It was the kind of hot where office buildings, if they are smart and properly equipped, dim the hallway lights and run the elevators on half power or run fewer elevators to avoid sucking too much power. My boss was leaving for the day and I was leaving for lunchtime errands and I left before he did but was still standing in the hall waiting for the elevator when he came out. So we speculated about the greening of our building and if they were reducing energy usage, which brought us around to black outs we have known. Apparently there was a blackout in '73 that turned him off pizza for good.

An hour and a half later the person he had an appointment with at home called me from the lobby of his building and said that the city was blacked out basically from his apartment north.


I do believe in jinxes, I do, I do, I do!

I couldn't get hold of him no matter how I tried so I left all manner of messages and left the office early to try and circumvent the mess that had been made of the subways. It was ugly but my 3 metric tons of groceries and I made it home in about 90 minutes.

Con Ed has issued a statement that yesterday's blackout was the result of a lightning strike and not indicative of the way the summer will go.

Yeah, right.

Since I moved to the new job I haven't been following the post-9/11 rule of keeping comfortable walking shoes at the office. Time to rectify that I guess.

Just think of all the activity points I'll earn!

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  1. Yeah, I thought you had a whole kit&kaboodle of stuff tucked away somewhere in your office in case of emergency? Better get back on track! I envy you your ability to turn disaster of some sort into activity points! you rock.