Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Theme? I don't need no stinking theme!

1. Didn't realize you were supposed to refrigerate the cat's antibiotics. I think it's still OK but, dude, that cat just can't catch a break can he?

2. Chrome has a 10 list that made me shiver a little with delight.

3. A recent entry in the who's hotter than who game: "The guy who plays Jason Street (who sleeps with Lyla Garrity) on Friday Night Lights is hotter than the guy who plays Sean Garrity on Rescue Me.

4. I'm getting pretty good at this poker thing. Partly it's learning the players and partly it's learning the game. So loving it.

5. As a result of #4 I have given myself a horrible headache that's been pestering me all day long.

6. Tonight was the night of food problems. Cucumbers? Frozen. Rice? Flies in it. Beans? Refried, not regular. Transfer to portion control containers? Ended up with at least half a serving all over the floor.

7. So, yes, it's all pretty good news with Elvis but KSA (she's awesome, I told you) gave me the run down of what happened when her cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur at a similar stage. She wrote me a long, detailed, beautiful e-mail that was like an estrogen-heavy episode of Friday Night Lights (Clear eyes! Full hearts! Can't Lose!). The timeline was 2 years of home monitoring with no meds. Three years of annual ultrasounds and semi-annual check ups with meds delivered once a day and mini-strokes as the heart muscle closed up and clots had trouble passing. A swift end over the course of about 24 hours precipitated by a massive stroke. About 5 years, give or take.

8. This weekend I moved the dresser out of my bedroom to make room for the bookcase from the living room to make room for the piano.

9. I did start reading Nickeled & Dimed: On (not) getting by in America. There's a whole post in me about it, at least one, but wow, if you ever tip 10% in a restaurant, even when the service is less than stellar you really should go shave your head and go to confession immediately 'cause honestly if you think you're above getting your ass kicked by the capitalist system you're wrong.

10. Lauren Graham really should be getting offers for bigger and better roles. For the record, I do like Katie Holmes (who made the leap from popular WB show to wonderful feature film roles) but LG is a better actress and her taste in men is far less frightening.

And #11 is that, since I've been disparaging Wordpress it was inevitable that ammo was going to be given to the anti-Blogger campaign. There are no links in this entry because I can't get blogger to respond to my request.


  1. You brave and random soul!
    Thanks for the shivers on my 10.

    My friend is on Friday Night Lights, but I'm not sure of his character's name...he plays somebody's older brother. He's cute.

  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Oh - YAY! I was going to ask for the url to chrome's place, but there she is!!

    Also, no platform is perfect. I couldn't post a comment to my own site, so I sent a note to Wordpress yesterday. They've STILL not responded, which is TERRIBLY unusual (like, the last time I sent a WTF note, they got back to me in half an hour. Seriously - thirty minutes. Unheard of!).