Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Many Dirty Jokes Can I Make With the Word "Spent"?

Health Insurance (2 mos): $1536.20
Lunch + tip (sushi!): $12
Tasti D Lite + tip: $3.75

Total: $1,551.95

And just think, starting September 1 that top number will be $444 larger. Good thing we've gone wading into Iraq instead of working on universal healthcare. Whew.

Anyway, a few housekeeping issues before I hit the post button.

The dog, she is fine. What I may not have made clear before is that her energy, her appetite, and her general demeanor have been perfectly fine all along. As of about 30 minutes ago her bowel function matches her general demeanor. Still have 8 days of antibiotics and a day of pepcid and possibly a lifetime of bland food left to go, though.

My new Harry Potter book...has about 20 faded pages so far (not contiguous). They're still readable so I'm soldiering on but it's making me wicked nervous.

Also, I'm in the 520s about now, so the end is nigh.

Chili called herself a bitch in the comments of a previous post. Since that's out there in public I want to make abundantly clear in public that those are not, nor have they ever been, my words. Honestly, I haven't even been thinking them. As a for instance, she's bailed me out a couple of times when I failed to balance my checkbook for months on end. It happened, she was really kind about helping and it's over, we've found a solution that works for me and means she doesn't have to pull my ass out of the fire again. However, she still ribs me about it. As well she should! I didn't balance my checkbook for almost a year, come on, that's notable and funny. To me, the whole refusing to go to the reunion but taking the time and effort to post a blurb on the web site and to do enough research to send me to the event with an assignment is in the same category. Funny, no? Sister, once I'm done writing about the reunion (which should be very soon) the mentions will dwindle almost to nothing, I promise, just want you to know where I'm categorizing this. No bitching about it.

I know that nobody cares what I had for lunch, but what about dinner? I came home and walked the dog and ran into Kath & Alex. Which turned into a walk to their place so Kath could give Em a scoop of uber healthy Scooter Food. That morphed into her making dinner for me and Alex, even though she wasn't eating. At which point Alex gave me 2 DVDs, worked on mastering a song for my CD and we watched a freaky restaurant show. I got home at like 9:20. That's a damn fine accidental evening, no? I love my friends.

Oh! And while I'm loving my friends, Miflohny, I keep forgetting to e-mail you, I'm totally on for the clothing swap on the 5th. Please tell me where to meet you and when, I've got clothes (some of them brand new) just waiting to be swapped.

OK, now I'm done. Sleep tight y'all.


  1. Very often, I don't realize the hypocrisy of my own behavior. I suppose the whole reunion thing IS kind of funny, but I recognize that, in this case, I did NOT bail your ass out of the fire - I totally left you twisting in the wind (though there were other, more brave people there to support you, but still). I said I'd go, and I didn't, and I don't care how skillfully you light that, it's still not the action of a good friend.

    I'm glad you're putting the funny spin on it (I guess, when I stand apart from it, it really IS kind of funny) but I still FEEL like a bitch. Sorry.

    I'll shut up now...

  2. It's good to have a dog. That means you will occasionally run into friends on the street and then end up cooking dinner with them. Friends you wouldn't have without the dog.