Monday, July 09, 2007

Mos Def

I am very late getting on the bandwagon and reading The Brownstoner. If you've got any interest in Brooklyn or in Real Estate, even, you should be reading, too.

One of the first posts I read was an Independence Day tribute to The Borough of Churches in the form of the lyrics to Mos Def's song, Brooklyn. I love Mos Def. He's a glorious actor and a fascinating man. I don't know a lot about his music but just read this snippet and tell me you don't love him and Brooklyn. Go on. I dare you.

It's real yo but still yo, it's love here
And it's felt by anybody that come here
Out of towners take the train, plane and bus here
Must be something that they really want here
One year as a resident, deeper sentiment
Shoutout "Go Brooklyn!", they representin it
Sittin on they front stoop sippin Guinesses
Usin native dialect in they sentences
From the treeline blocks to the tenaments
To the Mom & Pop local shop menaces
Travel all around the world in great distances
And ain't a place that I know that bear resemblance
That's why we call it The Planet

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  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    about time you got into brownstoner! seriously, it's right up your ally and mos def is a very gifted actor and musician. you have to start reading curbed too.