Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not Regularly Scheduled

So, yeah, I was feeling motivated to write some interludy reuniony things and then maybe even on the same night some more actual reuniony stuff. Then I came home to find my apartment floor dotted with liqufied poo and my dog bleeding from her tender bits.

Just got back from the emergency vet because the regular vet doesn't take emergency appointments in the last 2 hours of their day. Verdict on the new, closer emergency vet is 8 out of 10 tails up. I don't know if I'd love them to pieces as a regular vet they're certainly the best emergency vet I've ever been to and I've been to almost all of the ones this fair city has to offer.

The dog is all lumpy from the subcutaneous fluids, she's been shot up with Pepcid and has a scrip for more by mouth, she's got 10 days of antibiotics and special food. Oh and the er, intestinal issue probably won't improve visibly, if you get my meaning, for another couple of days. If she's not better by Thursday or if she vomits more than once then back we go.


The other thing hemmorhaging is my wallet.


I'm going to go eat a hot dog now and then go feel sorry for myself and my dog.

Glam weekend? She is over.


  1. Oh, POOR EMMIE! And POOR KIZZ! I'm sorry, Honey, for both of you. Feel better soon, okay?

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    We love you Emmie (and Elizabeth as well). Get better quick!!! My vet always wants to know why you haven't come to see HIM. Love DAD

  3. Thank goodness you are close to the emergency vet and that they were good to you. Those places can be horrible. So sorry Em is sickly....sorry you have to clean the poo...motherhood. huh.