Sunday, August 26, 2007


It's almost a universal truth that when you hear that in indie movie is good but you don't hear much else about it that Patricia Clarkson will turn out to be a major factor. The Station Agent bears out my theory. She is, of course, so good that it makes my insides a little watery and, as is often the case when Ms. Clarkson picks a project, so is everyone else.

That's how I spent my time, here's how I spent my money:

Chocolate milk: $3.00
Tomatoes: $2.00
Dinner w/Kath at the new Tapas place (veridict is good food, questionable service & management, ridiculous prices): $16.00
Drinks for a friend's birthday at a trendy Lower East Side spot: $16.00
Taxi home: $7.00

Total: $44.00


Things that I were automatically deducted from my bank account over the course of the month in question:
Netflix: $18.41
Automatic Investment Plan: $100
Monthly Checking Account Maintenance Fee because I dipped below the minimum balance: $10.00
Weight Watchers: $16.95
Automatic Deposit into Savings: $50.00

Total: $195.36


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I need a clarification: Does putting money in an account of savings count as "spent money"?

  2. It counts as money that has to come out of my salary so in that sense and for these purposes it is spent, even though it has the unique property of being available to be spent AGAIN later.

  3. Patty Clarkson is the best, followed by Laura Linney. Oh, to get to play the parts they get to play.
    I am also recently throwing Hope Davis in that mix.

  4. For me it's PC followed by Allison Janney. To play even half the roles they've played, to work with even half the awesomeness with which they have rubbed elbows...swoon.

  5. how is it you pay less than twenty bucks for ww and I pay almost forty???

  6. I only go online I don't go to in-person meetings and I did it with a special deal where I paid $65 for a 3 month intro offer and then whatever I said in this post, $16.95 or something per month after that.