Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Convergence Again!

It turns out this whole convergence thing isn't just creative.

You know how sometimes you say things and then something happens and you have to eat those words or at least take a little nibble out of them? Yesterday I was jawing about hating shopping and about being a uniform sort girl and I fear I came off at least a little ungrateful.

After work yesterday I stopped at the PO in my teal v-neck t-shirt and my khaki canvas 5 pocket pants to pick up a package. It was a surprise from ProfDoc and what did I find inside? A few books I'd asked to borrow, a package of chocolate mint chip pudding (Who knew there existed something so delightful? Not I, said the Kizz.) and a pair of pants.

Yeah, new clothes just came to my door.

Sometimes she goes outlet shopping and she has my info on the clothes I like. (Note: I think now we could change my specs down to a size 10)

And you know what? I wore those pants to work today and I loved them and I looked awesome.

Thanks ProfDoc!

The cash count for today:

Paying Queen Bee for the jewelry she ordered for me, it was a few pieces for me that were going out of stock and on which I got a huge discount plus a Christmas present for my mom: $94.80

Paying ProfDoc back for some charitable work she did the leg work on: $20

Total: $114.80


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I tried that chocolate mint chip pudding, since I love chocolate and mint. Let me say it turns out to be more than a little bit weird to have chips in pudding. Plus, I prefer the taste of pudding that you actually have to cook. But it was worth a shot.

  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    You keep mentioning Queen Bee's jewelry. I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like. Could you post a close up digital snap? Or does she have a website - of course mentioning that, if she had one, may break her anonymity...