Monday, August 06, 2007

The Greatest Song Ever Played

Currently my mom has a job (yay!) where she assists in a residential and day care center for developmentally disabled adults. One of the things she does is play the piano while everyone gets settled in the morning. It's been years since mom has played regularly and in a recent conversation she was telling me how grateful she is that she is supposed to play slowly so the clients can sing (hum, rock, whatever) along since the slower speed makes it easier to smooth over the rough spots.

This reminded me that I left out a portion of the crane discussion. It wasn't really relevant crane-wise but it is the greatest act of friendship I have seen in a long, long while.

At the Little Seal's dedication there was one hymn called for. I can't remember what it was, it wasn't a classic (as defined by my limited experience of hymns) but it was nice enough and it had been printed on the back of the programs so we could stumble along together. There was a piano and the family had asked a friend to play the hymn.

Start time arrived and no piano playing friend.

They held the house for a few minutes.

Then a few more.

Finally I overheard the conversation. The Media Guy was speaking to his cinematographer who also apparently plays the piano a little. He kindly offered to play the hymn when the time came.

Sight unseen.

Yes, no rehearsal, not even some time to noodle around for a few minutes since part of the buffet was essentially being served on the piano but, as true friends do, when he was asked he just said, "Yes" and damn the torpedoes.

At the crucial point in the ceremony the cinematographer made a brief disclaimer, mostly to cover while he unlocked the piano, then sat at the keys and began to tickle those ivories. We listened and hummed along while he played the traditional example verse and then we all sang along at his pace. The entire assemblage waiting for him when he needed it and everyone sticking together.

If that's an example of the sort of thing the Little Seal is going to experience in his lifetime he's going to be a very lucky little guy.

Developing of film into disc: $10.84

Total: $10.84

From here until payday (Friday) I'll be applying direct pressure to my bank account and doing my best to hold it above my heart in hopes of staunching the flow.

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