Friday, August 03, 2007

Not That Story You Read in High School

I was out and about all day so I feel like I've neglected the internet on a number of fronts. Which, I suppose, is as it should be. If you don't neglect it once in a while then you're not doing anything worth writing about. It means I'm short on time and I'm extremely tired and sweaty so I didn't have much to offer except the numbers for today.

But that would be boring.

So, for Rich, I'll tell you why playing the scratch off lottery ticket was fun (and try not to think about how close those very clear fingers of lightning are). (To ChemE: It's OK, my computer is unplugged so I won't get electrocuted if we get hit.)

Back when Pony Express and I lived together we would occasionally do a big shopping day along Smith Street and its environs here in Brooklyn. We would make our first stop the liquor store where we bought 2 "$1000 a Week for Life" lotto tickets (not to be confused with the beer distributor where we bought our hard cider, beer, soda and mixers, which was usually our second stop). We'd put the tickets on the dash and then spend the entire shopping trip and the time lugging the groceries up to our second floor kitchen in our steeply stooped house talking about what we'd do if we won. There would be trips we'd take and gifts we'd give and debts we'd pay. As we heard the other's choices we'd often amend our own and the discussion could roll through our dreams as we plodded through the task at hand. Once the groceries were safely stowed and the car securely parked we'd scratch off our tickets and see if we'd won anything. If we did it was nice but usually it was small amounts that we'd put back in the kitty for next time because the real reward was the time we could devote to dreaming.

These days I tend to play the game with AudioGirl at work but since she's off for the summer honing her craft I played by myself (sadly not with, it is a glass doored office after all). It was still fun and lifted my day a bit but it's one of those games that's better with at least 2 players.

Hair elastics and Luna bars: $5.97
Floor barre (I checked around and this is actually relatively cheap for a single fitness class of any kind in these parts): $15.50
Groceries: $24.26
Lunch out with QuewlKat who is finally back in the states thank the sweet lord: $32.51

Total: $78.24

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  1. That, I think, really IS the point of playing the lottery.

    Mr. Chili and I are occasional PowerBall players. Some of the more practical among us chide us for it whenever they see a ticket magneted to the fridge, calling it a "stupid tax" (as in, a tax on stupid, not the other kind of stupid tax, which is a tax that IS stupid... oh, never mind). We don't care, because it's only a couple of bucks every few months and we get to do that same kind of dreaming. Our fantasies include setting up an anonymous foundation which pays off friends' mortgages, sets up college funds for children, and funds endowments. If your mortgage payment ever gets sent back because, mysteriously, your loan's been paid off, don't tell anyone. We'd like to keep a low profile....