Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh I'm Regretting This

There's only one part of the day I'm regretting and that's the second mimosa at brunch. My brain is imploding and has been for like 7 hours and I fear I won't be able to sleep. I've taken on lots of water and 2 aleve and I may go with a slug of Pepto and an ice pack before I lie down.


It tasted so good.

ScooterFood (chicken kind is cheaper than the liver kind): $11.38
Brunch (Brunch Club, once a month whether you're ready or not): $26
Ice cream for my girl, Alita: $3
Bottle of water: $1.50
Taxi home from the theatre: $21

Total: $62.88


  1. I know. I thought of you when I wrote that. Hell, I even turned down another drink at the theatre last night. Looks like I'll never go pro, maybe I'm just too old.