Sunday, September 02, 2007

Almost over

I'm getting that simultaneous feeling of "Oh, cool there's one more day of the weekend left!" and "Oh fuck, there's only one day left to do all that stuff I was supposed to do this weekend."

It has simply turned out that friends were more important this weekend. Mostly a good thing, mostly so many great things, but not all. Hopefully I'll be around writing a lot more tomorrow. We'll see how I do. I'm trying to write this over top of the cat climbing in and out of my lap and kneading my thigh. She loves me. Lucky me.

Gaff tape: $16.80
Groceries: $14.28
Lemon Juice: $3.29

Total: $34.37


  1. Gaff tape?? Is this for covering up social faux pas?

    "Excuse me, but did you notice you've just put your foot in your mouth? Fortunately, I happen to have some gaff tape right here..."

  2. Oh would that it were so.

    It's like duct tape but it's easier to tear, it's made almost of cloth, and it usually comes in black but sometimes in white or colors. It's used in theatre for EVERYTHING. Really from labeling things to sticking things together to hemming costumes, really just about everything. I've used it to put on bandages even. It's a little easier to remove than duct tape so for things that are impermanent, like theatre, its ideal. It's the perfect tool and, as a stage manager, it's unthinkable that I've been living for years with none in my life. When I was actively working as a tech we never were without it and used it on everything.

    I bought it to repair a painting, actually.

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    And it's named after the gaffer, or electrician / lighting person, who uses the tape, on a film set.