Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another liesurely day

It's no wonder I don't think I'm accomplishing enough in my life. I keep having these free and easy days. Today was brunch club, a stroll through the bookstore with Carmencita and Alita, cup of cocoa in the coffee shop with the cute waiter, meeting Zelda and her crew, a walk through Chinatown, a walk through the San Generro festival, a stop at the design market, trip to the TKTS booth for them to get tickets to Rent, dropping them off at the theatre, home again, walk dog, puttering and as soon as I hit publish on this I'll give the dog a quick pee, move another fan into the bedroom and hit the hay.

When I list it like that it doesn't sound so leisurely. It was nice, though.

Chili asked why the chocolate milk was integral to the weight loss. It's easy to drink in the early part of the morning and it has some protein in it so it tides me over. I drink just a half cup of it before I leave for work. I don't like to eat a lot first thing when I get up but around the time I'm ready to leave for work I do get hungry and by the time I get to work I'd be ravenous if I didn't have something. So I take a little treat of chocolate milk every day and I'm not uncomfortable, it starts me off on a day of small meals in approved portion sizes. Well, except lately where my lunch is of approved portion sizes but it's all cukes and peppers and beets with a little chicken or shrimp for the protein. But I have a huge bowl of it, all the cukes I can eat!

Thrilling, eh? Tune in tomorrow morning for my weigh in. Will that half portion of gelato derail the steady small weight loss? Will all that walking result in a larger loss this week? It's edge of the seat excitement here at 117 Hudson this Sunday night!


Brunch: $17
Cocoa: $5.41

Total: $22.41


  1. Me and the crew send a big fat ass thank you for all your help. Enjoy your day tomorrow. My boyfriend Adam Pascal was brilliant. Better than when i saw him 11 years ago. sigh. lovelovelove

  2. You ladies are entirely welcome. I've had a great time with you all.

    See you tomorrow for fonduuuuuuue!