Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's See...

Let us see if I have 10 things in my Google Reader's Star File to give to you today:

1. Hockey Fights. Now, a fight in hockey is funny. I'm telling you, nobody gets hurt and everyone is having fun and it's downright stupid. Hockey goalies fighting? Frakking hilarious! Click that link, check out the the video, watch the 2 goalies circle each other for minutes on end trying to get their gloves off so they can get down to it. I almost peed myself laughing.

2. Teen Years, Then & Now. Flea is remembering some things she did as a girl, things I didn't even think about doing but that surprises me. It's painful but so good to read.

3. Judaism. I have always been drawn to this faith and Derek's explanation of this period between the high holy days really speaks to me.

4. Bowling. Good god almighty I want to go bowling at this place! I love bowling. If I were rich in an unlimited way I would totally have a bowling alley in my basement.

5. Saga of the Stinky Cheese. Do you find the Saga of the Stinky Cheese funny? Reading it I don't really but I can totally see how it would have been funny if I were there and part of it, you know?

6. Blog Action Day. On October 15th we should all blog about environmental issue, 'kay?

7. PARK(ing) Day. Which I totally missed. It was Friday. Seemed cool, though. Maybe next year we'll get together and do it, what do you think?

8. Tree Hangers. I so want these frivolous little items. They aren't available yet, though, and, if you have to ask, you can't afford the price.

9. This boy reminds me of The Athlete. I worry some for both of them but more for one than the other.

Turns out I only have 9 things in my Star File so I'll round it out with one thing from my day.

10. Bomb Sniffing Dogs. The 2 streets that flank the building where I work are blocked off for UN events. Today was a first, though, in front of the sandwich shop was the staging area for the sniffer dogs. As I walked to my largely fruitless errand I saw 4 military haircut dudes in cut rate golf clothing playing cards under a little white tent hemmed in by 2 minivans with huge dog crates in them. (I was too afraid to try to take a photo.) On my way back from the aforementioned errands they were searching a car. Both dogs were shepherd mutts. I was surprised they were mutts. The little one was very pretty and looked like she truly could care less about sniffing anywhere but if the dude insisted she'd give it a quick whiff. The other guys were taking the trunk apart. I think they even removed the back of the tail light casing.

Did you see anything weird today?

Oh, btw, I spent $76 yesterday on my monthly metro card.


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Derek's page on the Days of Awe was lovely and a nicer reminder of my own responsibilities as a Jewish person to face interpersonal things, particularly if they're awkward or painful in oder to get the slate clear. My family does a ceremony of Taschlich - letting go - but that page reminded me of my responsibilities to others. Thank you for linking to it.

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Blog #2 broke my heart, so I couldn't read any of the others, for fear I wouldn't be able to make it through the day...

  3. OM-So funny, I thought for sure you'd comment on the environmental issue not on the religious one.

    M-I think that's the only one that's super emotional. Sorry.

  4. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Yeah, well, I have religion up my nose these days. I'll tackle the environment when next you post about it!!

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    On second read, I can SO totally do blog action days in October... 'cause, you know, a bit of an environmentalcase...

  6. Blog Action Day is my birthday!

  7. Hey, I didn't know that, Gert! Happy Birthday (in like 17 days)!

    By the way, what's this job thing I keep hearing about?