Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Timing is Atrocious

Why am I experimenting with cooking now? Why didn't I try to learn how to wing it stove-wise years ago when I was living with twentysomething boys who would eat anything? Seriously, if I had served actual shit on a shingle they would have maybe (maybe) said, "Needs more salt" without halting the maw shoveling. The following day I would have come home thinking, "I could really go for that left over Shit on a Shingle" and the cupboard (and pantry and counter and fridge) would have been empty.

Now I live with just me. I'm a kind of picky eater! I hate it when I make stuff that sucks!

Live and learn, live and learn. Next time I live with a couple of twentysomething boys I will serve stove experiments every night.

1 comment:

  1. Its never too late to learn something new.
    And I will loan you Bobby Flay.
    But no licking below the waist.