Thursday, September 20, 2007

Other Writing

I think I've said before that Derek Powazek and Heather Champ are sort of internet royalty. Being late to the party I'm not sure exactly what they've accomplished but I know that they've been at the root of things as far-reaching as Flickr. I, however, have only recently become a follower and last week Derek really strummed a chord for me. He's resurrecting a site he put on hiatus a few years ago and through it will be publishing a book around the holidays. Submissions are being accepted now and I'm writing something to submit.

I've been having some trouble getting my off-blog writing jump started lately and Powazek's prompt, "True stories of getting caught in the act" really spoke to me. I've had fun writing the first draft which I completed this noon on my lunch break. I hope that I'm able revise it to my satisfaction in the next few days. The submission deadline is October 1. (Eep!)

I really want to get accepted but I'm aware that it's a long shot. If I don't I'll post the piece here for our enjoyment.

Are you writing anything off-blog these days? Wanna tell us all about it?

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