Monday, September 17, 2007

Perils of the DVR Love

I don't like to get overscheduled, both in the long and the short term. I don't like to have every night of my week spoken for or every weekend of my month. I don't like to have only the exact travel time available in my day and nothing more. I like things padded, contingencies planned for, I do not get a thrill from running through the train station with the tails of my bag flying behind me like flags.

Today was a flag flying day, though. I had inconvenient plans in far away places. It couldn't be avoided.

Finally, everything done, I was hoofing it up the famed Park Slope in hopes of catching my twice-an-hour bus and bemoaning my fate. It was 10pm and I was tired and had no idea when the bus was coming. For distraction I forced myself to look at the buildings I passed and I seemed to be passing a school. I could see that a room was lit up, it was a gym with one short person moving a row of large things. I couldn't tell what they were, perhaps some sort of sporting equipment.

Voting booths!

Since I have the DVR I don't watch commercials and therefore don't get those news updates in the commercial spots. Tomorrow is a voting day and I almost missed it entirely.

So, gotta get up early and vote tomorrow morning. Must have pudding and take care of a couple of quick housekeeping items and then hit the hay. Please cross your fingers that I have hot water tomorrow stark contrast to this morning.

Cable bill: $113.91
DVDs (The Sure Thing for me - no discount, and Season 2 of Mad About You for Pony Express - 40% off): $42.24

Total: $156.15

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