Saturday, September 15, 2007

Precious Girl

The girl has hit a new plateau of older dogdom. She can't jump up on the bed 9 times out of 10. Through the kindness of a number of almost strangers I have a beautiful custom-made ramp that she can use when she so chooses. She likes the result but dislikes the ramp itself. She has to rest between the mini-flights up the stairs to the apartment and you can see the strain of getting herself up the last step of the flight.

This has brought on a fit of nostalgia for me. I remember when she never slept. These days she sleeps well, often and for lengthy stretches. She's chasing rabbits in her dreams as I write this. Back when we first got her, though, she was on perpetual alert. She was afraid of people, dogs, things with wheels, loud noises, quick movements and pretty much everything else you can think of that makes up the world. She's a living being so she had to sleep, right? We thought she did but the slightest rustle of movement, a cough, a change in the wind would have her bolt upright on all 4 legs, ready for fight or flight even when a moment before she'd been limp, relaxed and breathing steadily. In that house dogs weren't allowed up to the bedrooms so it was a few days before we discovered the secret. I wish I could remember who it was, I'd like to say it was me but I can't recall, but someone lay on the couch and Em got up with them. Before you knew it she was asleep, full on paw-racing, dream-barking asleep. For years she only really slept when she was touching a person she trusted.

She could sleep curled up under your bent knees or with her chin on your toes or wound into a tight ball between 2 tv watchers but my favorite was the sprawl. She would lie down on her back, paws in the air, with her body absolutely aligned along the length of mine and her head on my shoulder and she would sleep for hours.

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  1. zyThere is nothing like them.
    They don't cheat, they don't lie...
    they wait from me everyday without fail.
    As I am typing now they are both lying next to my chair.
    They both got baths this weekend.
    How good it must have felt to have someone run cool water all over their bodies and scrub them.
    Part of being alone and enjoying it is being alone with them.