Saturday, September 29, 2007

Question of the Day, My Pretties

Which is stronger, my cat's determination to resist swallowing liquid antibiotics or my fear of treatment-resistant bacteria developed when people fail to use the full course of any antibiotic?

I have ingenuity on my side but she has claws and she fits under the bed.


  1. Why the HELL did they give you LIQUID!?! Pills are MUCH easier: they even have clever little plunger-type thingies to help you insert said pills into those treacherous, tooth-filled mouths. Sheesh.

    Good luck with that!

  2. Wrap her up in a towel.
    Even if she has claws...You have posable thumbs!

  3. we're doing the liquid antibiotics on charles ann this week, and just finished on sambo last month...he was fine, she, not so much so I'm putting the dropper full of meds into a bowl of tuna. real tuna,not tuna flavored anything. she adores it. funky pink tuna is her new favorite. good luck!

  4. I will absolutely wrap her in a towel...just as soon as I find the little fucker.

  5. Let me at her! I have pilled/plungered a thousand times to these old farts.