Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So Many Lists So Little Tuesday

10 Things I Hate
1-10. Not having hot water

10 Reasons I Don't Go Camping
1. No flush toilets
2. No hot water
3. Pitch blackness
4. Snakes
5,7,9. No flush toilets
6,8,10. No hot water.

10 Reasons I Don't Even Watch Survivor
1-10. See above re: Camping

10 Things That Could Easily Grease the Wheels of, well, Anything
1-10. [Insert any of my body parts - ooo, dirty! - no, really, very dirty]

10 Reasons That I (and all of my co-workers in our tiny overheated office) Deserve a Public Apology From The Maintenance Guy On Call
1-10. No hot water in the morning for 2 days running

10 Things I Could Whine About Endlessly
1. Josh Jackson not being single
2. Life not being fair
3. Weight Watchers
4-10. No hot water in the morning

OK, for real now, here's my 10 things list:

10 Things About Today (with ratings!)
1. No hot water this morning - BAD
2. Voting - SILLY (insofar as a civic duty can be silly)
3. No hot water this morning - STILL BAD ( I checked the water temp every 15 minutes from 6:05 until I left at 8:00 as I'd been told it's a problem that takes 45 minutes to resolve)
4. Trains were messed up - BAD, but not my train
5. Getting a seat on a train despite the mess - GOOD
6. Having that train go exactly where I needed it to go - VERY GOOD
7. Fondling Pony Express' new iPhone - VERY, VERY GOOD! SO MUCH FUN AND TOTALLY ADDICTIVE Now when I call her instead of ringing the phone barks.
8. The searingly hot shower I just took - HAVE YOU EVER HAD AN ORGASM? KIND OF LIKE THAT ONLY CLEAN
9. Getting tickets to Young Frankenstein for a Saturday Night less than one month after opening night - I FEEL LIKE A MIRACLE WORKER
10. Those tickets are not together so ChemE and I won't be able to nudge each other throughout - SO NOT QUITE A MIRACLE BUT MORE OF A REALLY COOL CARD TRICK LIKE THOSE ONES HARRY ANDERSON DOES (Who cares! We're going to see a show ChemE is going to love on the exact night we want to go!)


  1. OH MAN!! I'm green. Frankenstein green with envy. Cannot WAIT to hear about your evening with ChemE and the monster!!!! VERY COOL!

    Have decided to just come back. YF starts, SEX in the CITY begins filming TODAY. sigh. Just need to come back.

  2. Funny you mentioned the hot water thing...
    Joe and I's hot water heater went out last night.
    Cold showers and "low core temps".
    It was fucking brutal.