Thursday, September 13, 2007

Think Of Me As A Springboard

I had a little time on Tuesday to read people's entries but not enough time to post about them. No time like the present, eh?

For me Sars' entry, For Thou Art With Us, is required reading this time every year.

However, I humbly request that if you read none of the other links in this post that you do read this other entry from Sars and see if we can find Don for her. I have just had living proof that we're never more than a breath away from someone we know on this nutty intarweb so I know we can find Don.

Over at Child's Play x2 there are some thoughts and a link to a beautiful tribute to a friend lost in the collapse.

Marit briefly recapped her story on Flickr. Since some of my family is from Maine it's really odd for me to hear what people were thinking in that state on that day.

Chookooloonks uses the inflated value of a picture over words to say something important. (I can't link to the specific picture, you'll have to click back through the photos until you get to the one from Tuesday. It won't be a hardship, I promise.)

Chili talked about an episode of Third Watch that I also watched recently but hadn't been able to work into my post about telling our stories.

Rich describes the complete disconnect of synapses that happened while watching the news unfold.

I don't always check out Derek Powazek's links but he linked to a site of stories of 9/11 and slowly I will try and read them.

I have been talking about telling our stories and the importance of remembering but I haven't talked about forging the link to the next generation. Jon Hickman came face to face with that on Monday night.

Kath is the person I know best who was closest to being swallowed in that cloud of dust. She is fine, thank goodness. She posted a picture and some thoughts.

For most people the day of remembrance was flashes through a pretty normal day. Or not quite so normal, in the case of Lesterhead.

It's hard for me to imagine the impact of 9/11 on other parts of the country. It's not hard for Schnozz. This year, however, she finds her feet about how to commemorate.

Rob has always had a strange and compelling relationship with the incidents of that day. He speaks well of that relationship even now.

Sometimes the day marks a number of different things.

Perhaps the weirdest link on this list is from Gypsy. The people who do TMI Tuesday did the regular questions but tacked on a bonus "pertinent" one.

Tense Teacher feels bad about her observance of the day. She probably shouldn't.

I've got to say I was surprised by Blue's sentiments. I feel more like we need to be ever-vigilant against the crazies in our own back yard.

Gerry is, as ever, both beautiful and eloquent.

For my part I'll tell you this:

Zelda's group had a number of...divergent personalities. We spent the better part of the week juggling their needs and desires. Tuesday was the 26th birthday of one member and we planned to go out. A fine time was had by all, despite all our plans being changed last minute pretty much all day long. As we stood outside The White Horse Tavern before hailing cabs and sending them off to their hotels and sublets and friends' apartments I noticed the lights that represent the lost towers (lost? it's not like they were misplaced! we know where they are) reaching up into the midnight blue of the sky and I nudged Zelda to point them out. Zelda and Madchen were staying at Chrome's in Queens. As they crossed the bridge to leave Manhattan Zelda looked out the back window and saw the lights over the new skyline. She told Madchen to look. Madchen watched for a while, turned back and said, "I think that's my favorite part of this trip."


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Thanks for the props.
    By the way, I came so late to your blog world that I'm not quite sure why you put the budgetary items in. Could you enlighten me? Email okay if you don't want to repeat what's in your blog somewhere.

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Those lights, however, while wasting a lot of energy, also kill hundreds of birds, especially since it's migration season. (They get attracted to and disoriented by the lights.) Do we really need any more needless deaths? I don't mean to be a grouch, but...

  3. I guess this is the danger of sharing our stories and feelings, sometimes they overlap...and not in a good way.