Friday, September 28, 2007

Today, yeah, well, huh

I was looking for an image for this entry. I was image googling a bunch of things: death, dead like me, death warmed over, headache.

Do not google that last one. I am actually for once not kidding. Do not. Even if you aren't squeamish it's just a no.

So, again, no photo. However, that story is enough to sum up my day and I could just post this and you'd know as much about how I feel today as if I'd gone on.

But, as I said before, what fun would that be?

I got up this morning and I felt like one of those search terms I talked about above. My legs hurt and my head hurt and my face hurt and my mouth was dry and I was butt ass tired and even a little nauseated. None of this combined in that particular way to indicate an illness, though, it was just a combination of no sleep this week and weird exercise and worry and atmosphere.

As I tried to board the bus to get to dance class it was crowded in the front and roomy in the back and no one was moving. I muttered relatively loudly, "You people are fucking stupid!" In retrospect at that point prudence might have dictated that I turn right around and head home and back to bed for a bit. I, of course, told Prudence she could go fuck herself. That bitch!

The thing is, in an effort to force myself to go regularly, I have woven class attendance so tightly into the support structure of my week that it's virtually impossible to skip class on short notice and not fuck up the entire coming week. (If any one of you told me such a thing I would totally make fun of you for being uptight. Just know, next time I do that, that I'm a fucking hypocrite.) I go to class and then I get nice, fresh, short shelf life groceries at the store downstairs from the studio so I can keep up with my weight loss program and then I go home and put them away because some of them need refrigeration. I could have gone to the afternoon class today but I'm going to see Janel Moloney's play tonight and I wouldn't have been able to get the groceries home and get back to the theatre in time so that would have left me with no healthy, low point food for the week and I'd be all discombobulated.

I am the kind of person I disdain.

After I put away my food I had to write my state assemblyman because the management company for my apartment complex is more incompetent than Mr. Roper for cripes sake. I had to wash all of the clothes and sundries that had cat pee on them from last night's odyssey (I apologize fun, hipster new jean jacket, believe me when I say it hurt me as much as it hurt you). My head still feels like it's screwed on too tight and I think my legs were taken apart and put back together wrong. I think that procedure was executed by one of those geniuses who always has leftover parts when they repair something and the leftover parts were put in my neck and shoulders, making them a pretty cozy fit.

Food, water and aleve have been administered. A dog walk, a shower, ice cream and possibly a nap will be administered soon. Also more water and probably more aleve.

Upon recovery I will provide you with last night's saga, the saga of the night before, a picture of Miss Rebecca for your reference, a new post by her with more funny pictures, a review of the play from tonight and maybe, just maybe, the final stupid installment of my reunion story.

You've paid for the whole internet, but you'll only need the edge!


  1. Jealous I am.
    I heart Jeremy Shamos. Give him my love.
    And my phone number.

  2. You know I lived in the same dorm he did when I was in college, right?

  3. I don't know who either of you are talking about, but I hope a) you are feeling better, b) the cats and dog are feeling better c) no one's butt is leaking and d) the play was fantastic.

    feel better. get rest. update when you can. love you big.